The next question- understandably…

Confusion Worse Counfounded

Everybody wants to change the world. Podcast, blogposts, tweets and all the rest. But we want to do it safely. Here on Medium, and on most of the Internet, we can suggest that there are really just two safe approaches to media building and publishing:

Fantasy and horror.

Fantasy offers…

The creation of an entirely new product category is a very high-risk strategy. Innovation analysts have underlined the consistently high rate of failure of new products in most industries never mind new categories. Instead, most new applications involve piggybacking new technologies onto existing needs and structures. Taxi to Uber…

Having recently been de-platformed from Facebook, (I am so proud, even though I have no idea why) I thought I might launch a scathing attack on social platforms.

So, here goes.

Is social and mainstream media hijacking your trust?

Course they are. But you don’t care. Why should you? Unless…

If Your Customer Doesn’t Know Who He/She/They Are, How Can You?

Identity theorists generally define identity as an internalized set of shared meanings that provide shared expectations for individuals in social roles. …

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At a time when we stand- lost — in the midst of a data blizzard with the temperature and energy value of data trending towards absolute zero, the only compass we have is a model which enables us to navigate the frozen wastes of knowledge.

Models are critical in human…

Can AI experience uncertainty?

And should it?

Since the original Nineteenth Century beginnings of the introduction of compulsory education across elements of the developed and developing world, there is a strong, but perhaps unsustainable belief, that education is strongly correlated to learning. …

Data driven is great. As long as you can define the scale of the experiment and the metrics used to track it.

Scale is important in physics, cognition, investment, science and history.

But, if you are as data driven as you hope and claim to be, how do you choose…

Democratic Social Media

Because democracy is always harder- and more complex than it looks.

For those of us who find social media frustrating, it may be that it’s frustrating because it’s democratic. Because while democracy offers power to the people- right on- that power is useless unless its mobilised.

Peter Stannack

Just another person, probably quite a bit like you

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